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    None really, but one day I would like to do outdoors type stuff, archery equipment, rifle cases, camping bags, anything!
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  1. Tom, I can't thank you enough. Its at least cleared up my choices on trying the next set of dyes and finishing products. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.... Maybe a little better then the eco dyes I was using. Thanks to everyone again/
  2. Idk why, and I feel bad. But you putting it in your words how you did cleared it up for me for whatever reason... Lol, thanks to everyone still though!!! Yes I found the bone folder after I posted that response, I did have a question about the resolene? Doesn't it have a strong bad smell to it? If so is there a subsitute? also whats your preferred dyes to use and what leather blam? Like specifically the bottle if you don't mind...
  3. I appreciate your help, unfortunatly I'm no where near the same level as you so I'm only catching and understanding bits and pieces... You use resolene almost like sheen? to keep dyes from coloring a certain spot on your leather? do you use it as a overall protective base when your done as well? Or is that the balm and atom wax your talking about? Sorry for the silly questions... I've been watching a lot of videos, especially from satansbarber , he is helping a lot and I think I am going to try some Fiebings oil dys next time... Next I guess I just need to find a qood quality sheen. But whats confusing me is... I thought sheen was for a overall buff/waxing.... idk, like a ptrotective finish or coat (hope that makes sense?) AND you use it on parts of the laeather you cases and dont want the dyes to stain... Kind of like a negative effect. but more and more I research, the people who do VERY well at this, use two completly diff. products... any help is appreciated. I'm making a nook case for my g/f next and really want it perfect, but she knows and I know I'm still learning to the point where mistakes are unfortuantly a must... lol, But I'd still like to try my best. Also side note... I saw in one of his videos using like a plastic blade, almost in the shape of a knife when wet forming a case, It worked awesome for really making everying fit nice... What are they called if this tool has a name and where can I purchase one... I again appreciate everyones help, without this website I wouldn't know where to go for help.
  4. Awesome, thanks guys Ill be keeping my eye out, Ill get pics up with my next little project. Again, Im no good so its deffinatly 99.9% possible it could be just me.... But to answer your question, Yes I use a damp sponge, But I more or less "rub it in" like left to right, not really circles... That and sometimes I didnt put super sheen over my dye once done.... ?? question, I case my leather, tool, then paint and sheen any thing I dont want to get dyed..? then wait what? lets say 24 hrs. Then I can apply my dye? then wait another lets say 24 hrs for a protective coat of sheen or similiar product? Can someone please explain their process for the timeline above? Like how you do things and how long to wait in between, that seems to be my biggest issue, tooling is just a matter of practice for me right now. Got to do it to get better.... But the products and dye and sheen, Im so lost.... THanks a ton guys and gals! again, ill have pics next time! srry
  5. alrighty, first off... I've tryed googling my butt off, does anyone sale/make/provide the black interior stuff tandy sells with their wallets and kits? I want to start making my own stuff, but didn't know if they just provide it pre made or in sheets or what... more importantly to me... I've only been playing with leather for maybe 3 months, 3 months consecutivly. I have all the cheap (not so goodstuff) starter material from tandy as a gift. I'm having a blast and learning a lot but I really really am tired of using the super sheen and regular dyes. I feel like my tooling is getting OK and I get really stoked, but when I apply sheen and or then dye it, I get discouraged because it get so blochy, and smeared, and the sheen sokmetimes doesn't work as well.... Am I doing something wrong in regards to steps taken? If so what are the correct steps. Also, what would be the next step up in a substance like super sheen to get the same effect, and what about leather dyes? anything better? Thanks a ton gents and ma'ams!
  6. Would like to make myself a bible cover... I was just thinking on how to do it, searched on here and could only find pictures of others results... My question is. 'm assuming when you make the cover it just has two flaps on the insdie that the front and back of the bible slides into? Does/will it hold up ok? Thanks for your time
  7. Is that deer head free handed or did you get the design somewhere? It looks really good form what I can tell and looks like it would be tough to tool (it seeming small) I always have a hard time tooling small things, especially if I free hand them! Good work!
  8. I would be curious on the hand stitching you speak of! I didn't think stitching like this was possible with out a sewing machine! I had gave in and basically started a piggy bank for one of those expensive leather ones... But if doing this kind of quality work like you've shown is hand stitched, I would be really interested in learning if your willing to share! Thanks God Bless
  9. Hey awesome! Let me take pictures of it first of both the directions and the holes aligned... Then transfer them over to the computer. Thanks again
  10. het guys i just purchased a 3/8 dog collar from tandy. im having trouble putting it together... the pre set holes dont match and i/m confused on what end to cutt... anyone ran into this problem before?
  11. Awesome guys and gals! THanks for the input! I will be getting my saddle soap this week to do a customers wallet and dog collar, will post the results! (these are for more family and friends for a little side cash, Not that THAT gives me a reason to no do as good, just stating for the people thinking... "Man, who the heck is this guy!? selling stuff and hes such a noob!" lol) Thanks and God Bless
  12. So I've read the sticky on "Finishing edges" and searched many threads on leather finishes and can't find what I'm looking for. My question is... I work out of my apartment and can't/don't have access to any type of equipment... Which sucks. Is there a cheap/easier way (maybe more labor intense) to smooth the edges on my leather projects? I hate the dull and rough look when I'm done so much, that I tend to hand lace the edges of everything... Maybe like regular sand paper? Or is there a certain sandpaper or finish product I need to do this? Again, I can't use any type of belt/beveler... Just curious. Thanks and God Bless
  13. Crap gale, you have me worried now! What kind of finishes should i be concerned about? Would the mink oil be the better bet? The first collar im making is actually a paid one so i want it to be as flawless as possible! Thanks
  14. Thats the closet to you, the next would be Orlando t omy knowledge... There might be a small ma and pops store in between...?
  15. So I understand this should probably be in "Need help" subforum, lol. I figured its directly related to making a quiver though. I'm probably too "new" into tooling leather but I really really want to take on this challenge... I have too many questions though. If someone can point me to a certain website or book to help from people wasting breath (typing in this case) that would be great, but from what I researched there isn't much out there. The idea I'm going for is a real time hunting quiver. I don't shoot traditional but still like using a traditional quiver. I can't quite decide on a back quiver or a side quiver, still thinking what would be best for me... I do know I want 1 or 2 small compartments for things like my phone, baggie of snacks (lol, I get hungry on stand) and other oddball stuff. I also really would like a sewn sheath on the quiver somewhere where I can get to it easy. I also really like the odd furs and skins, so I'm thinking a inlay of rattlesnake skin or rabbit skin (I much rether use the skins from snakes and game I'VE TAKEN, but unfortuantly with just moving I don't have that available) I also like the heavy fur at the top. From what I've seen on here peple make BIG quivers for I'm assuming 3D shoots or just rec. shooting. Like I said I plan on using this for hunting so my goal is, something just big enough for 3-4 arrows, My question is what could I use to "lock" the arrows in place since they will have broadheads attached to them? Also, I see just as much sewing as I do hand stitching, I'd rether hand stitch it but I'm sure theres a lot I can't do without it. At this point I'll have to bring it to a buddy who has a sewing machine. Again, I'm sure I shouldn't take this on so soon but I'm superrr stoked, and if it even comes out a QUARTER of what I'm thinking Ill be happy! lol. So does anyone have ANY input or leads on some research I can read/learn.... Where to start? Thanks again and I can't wait to hear some input!
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