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  1. first one of the bunch is a Springfield XDS, the second one is the Springfield Hellcat, and last but not least is a Springfield 911. I don't wear the Hellcat holster as it has a design flaw...the belt loop strap sits to low and when you wear the gun in the holster, the gun sits to high and wobbles on a vertical plane. So I mad a generic brown one but it is not shown here. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
  2. It is my first M&P Shield and bought it because the price was right. I'm normally a Springfield Armory or Ruger person. I'm just waiting for the weather to clear up some so I can go shoot it!
  3. It feels good. Nice and snug on the hip and easy to put back in the holster after it has been drawn.
  4. I made a new holster for my new pistol. A S&W M&P Shield in 9mm. The paint jog on the m's was a little sloppy...I blame my Golden doodle who came into my room as I was doing this. I suppose she just wanted to "doodle too".
  5. I finally broke down and bought a manual sewing machine. Doing it by hand all these years got to be a little tiring. Even though I bought a manual sewing machine, it is WAY better than having to drill/punch holes for everything that I do. I mostly make holsters and knife sheaths and sometimes other stuff when asked. I made a bench to mount my sewing machine on one end and on the other end I mounted my knife sharpening tool (Wicked Edge in case your wondering). I modified the bench plans to include the flip up bench to have storage, and my wife made the cushion for me to sit on. Also, hanging off the bench is a holster I made (before the sewing machine) for my Hellcat pistol. And the holster behind the ORANGE gun was done with the machine. Enjoy!
  6. play2mefish


    It wasn't anything what I thought it would look like...I couldn't imagine how you would make a cover for a SAX. But now I know how! Looks good to me.
  7. Thanks immiketoo. I will definitely keep this in mind when I make another one.
  8. This is not my first holster but I do think it was "post worthy", as it is one of my better holsters. I get better every time. Feel free to critique, good or bad, I can only get better. I did not do the basket weave on the belt...it was far simpler to purchase it already done, cut to length, and stain to match the holster.
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