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  1. Good Day All I'm from Cape Town. Glad to see we are well represented here.
  2. Thanks so much for the post. What a brilliant idea. I've been in need of a #1 edge beveler for a long long time and my local Tandy stockist has not been forthcoming. So now I have a solution! I think I will actually try using a screwdriver for this. Again. Brilliant Post
  3. Hi Every one. I am in the process of making my own Rawhide Maul. Can anyone tell me how long the carriage bolt should be? Thanks
  4. I know you probably made the hat already, but in case you didn't and is still looking for a pattern, check out this tutorial on youtube. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=DTJCi63O6Uw
  5. Hi Everyone. I am from Cape Town South Africa. I recently started with leather work and that is going great. However I have now been challenged by my better half to produce a pair of 3/4 length sheepskin coats(Wool inside). No small feat considering I stitch by hand. She saw it in a magazine some where and thought it a nice idea...This has put me in a complete tailspin out of my comfort zone. But I am up for the challenge. I have found a supplier for the skins. Great! Now, I am really struggling to find a sewing pattern for the his & hers coats. Can anyone please help?
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