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  1. Thanks again everyone. I need to make a left hand draw now so I can carry both of my PPs together.
  2. Thanks again all! Means a lot coming from other craftsmen out there. I didn't line this one. Was initially going to put in a fleece sheepskin, but read too many downsides about linings hold dirt and damaging finishes. This hide from Sprinfield was actually really nice on the flesh side so I don't think it should wear on the rifle excessively.
  3. Thanks guys! Think the customer is gonna be pleased; and that's what counts! Matt - I did dye the sky and buffalo background with Fiebings Tan. Then diluted the tan to 1:10 with alcohol to add some shadows and give more depth. Rubbed the entire thing with pure vegetable oil. Last with be a coat of wax and then buff it out. Justin - didn't use a pattern or tutorial. Just looked at a few pics on line before I started. I sketched out the scene from my head then just played with some tooling to get it where it is. Not the purist or most efficient way, but its all I know how to do. I'm still a BEGINNER at tooling. Just winging it and trying to learn on the fly.
  4. Just finished my first custom rifle scabbard. Turned out alright I think. Made to fit a standard Winchester 94 20"-24" bbl.
  5. Thanks so much everyone! I'm loving it more every day. I've gotten one good even coat of our vegetable oil on it this weekend. It really gave it a rich golden color. I'll need to topcoat it for the final step. Think i'll use the 50/50 mop-n-glo & water treatment. Cheap, easy, it works great, and I've got some in the cabinet. I used the foam from a cheap gun case from Walmart. It came with the top and bottom egg crate, as well as the 1 1/2" pick & pluck foam. Just had to trim about an inch off one edge. I might try to work up a pic/video tutorial when I do another one. I'm going to do a small single revolver case, too. In that one ill try to do the felt custom interior.
  6. Thank you! I'm really happy with the outcome. Like a lot of projects; especially the ones that seem so daunting and are the first time trials, it takes a few days for it to sink in that its done and that I really did just make that. I'll post up a few more pics after I oil it up. Still trying to determin exactly what I'm going to treat it with. I'm back and forth on just spraying it with waterproofing. That will darken it slightly like an oil, but adds a big weather barrier. What would you all do?
  7. Wasn't sure if I should post this up here or over in the luggage forum. Decided that since I made it primarily to serve as a gun case; here it would go. Since I purchased my first single action revolver I had the idea of turning a late 1800s suitcase into a gun case. Given that the cowboy era was what they reminded me of; and the fact that I can't walk around sporting a double holster rig, I wanted a case that looked the part. The problem I ran into was finding a suitcase in a condition that was good enough to actually use that didn't cost more than both my single actions combined. I used to see these things at sales and antique shops for next to nothing; at least until I wanted one. So it seemed to me that I had one option .... Make one from scratch. The case is 17"x12" od and 16"x11" id approximately. I used all heavy veggie tanned tooling hide in 6-8 oz. It has a cardboard base form which the leather was wrapped and attached. It was all hand stitched as well. I made the handle by wrapping a 1/4" aluminum rod that I bent to shape. I definitely learned a ton with this project. I would rearrange a few steps in the process next time around to quicken it up and save some headaches along the way. I would have definitely built a seperate interior form and lined that then installed it before putting in any rivets. All in all I'm super happy with it. Now to get it oiled up and waterproofed.
  8. Great job on those. Better than my first couple attempts. Keep up the good work.
  9. Thank y Thank you. Finally happy with my edge finish on these. Took me a few months to get my edge finishing setup and process reliable and repeatable.
  10. Just finished up this little duo. One for a 4" and one for a 6" Colt Police Positive. Only put the logo on one as the long one will be able to swap out with an old S&W 10-5 model.
  11. Thank you again guys. Appreciate it very much. Yeah, the angle of draw on this rig really makes the design functionally usable. That movie holster, from Face Off, just wouldn't work in real life IMO. I used a 10 oz. on the back and a 7-8 oz. on the front. It's all veg tanned from the folks at Springfield. This one is all hand stitched and was molded with my Food Saver vac. I did all the stitching and tooling before molding. To mold it; rather than soaking the whole piece, I wet just the pocket sections using hot water and a new dye brush. I kept the carved section dry so it would not be messed up by the vac seal. I'll definitely be making another of these to take to the upcoming gun show. Just have to decide what to tool in the middle. Dave
  12. Good morning all. Thank you for the feedback! I was actually surprised at how well this thing wears, even on my smaller frame. The rig is slightly contoured and fits really well around the small of your back. The sew lines are off a bit because I ended up not having the pistols sit as far down in as originally drawn up. I would drop the sides down about an inch next time I think. Funny thing was when one of my customers friends said that the holster image looked better than his tattoo. LoL.
  13. Had this crazy custom request come in and just finished it. Takes a special kind of guy to wear one of these and pull it off; and Doc is just that guy. Pretty big dude at 6' 5" & 260ish, and very wild eyed crazy; especially for a family doc. LoL. Anyway, he'd seen a picture of one of these type rigs a while back. He wanted to personalize it with his tattoo in the center panel. Came out ok I think.
  14. Nice looking holster. Looks super functional as well. Nicely done.
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