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  1. Denhamjeans23

    4ft Redhide Stock Whip

    Thanks! This one is from a Kent Saddlery kit, but I think that most redhide whips are pretty similar to be honest. I had the exact same "learning experience" after I bought my first whip a couple years ago (the exact same size Nemeth whip too) . These shorter whips are great for giving the backs of your knuckles a touch up when you miss-time a crack
  2. Denhamjeans23

    4ft Redhide Stock Whip

    Recently purchased a whip making kit from a travelling saddlery that came to visit our cattle station in NW QLD. Just finished up the work on the handle tonight and I'm feeling pretty pleased with my efforts, even though the hard part of cutting the whip itself was already done. It might not be the prettiest whip around but it sure goes crack alright.
  3. Denhamjeans23

    GPS and UHF Holster

    Hahaha, oh I'll be sweating thats for sure, i just don't think that the holster will be the main cause. The 45+ degrees celsius (113+ Fahrenheit) will have me sweating no matter what I'm wearing
  4. Denhamjeans23

    GPS and UHF Holster

    Thanks guys! I think that it’s going to be alright heat wise as it doesn’t sit super tight against my body. Due to the softness of the leather and the weight of the gadgets there is a slight gap that should allow for decent airflow.
  5. I recently bought myself a handheld GPS unit and UHF radio for whilst hunting or working on remote cattle stations, or cattle ranch for you non-aussies . So I decided that i needed a way to lug around my new technology without jamming it all on my belt or stuffing it in a backpack and this was the result. The chest rig allows me to carry my GPS, Radio, and mobile phone in a readily accessible manner without weighing down my belt or getting in the way when working in and around vehicles. The back piece and pouches are made from pre-dyed 2-3mm leather and the straps are ~3-4mm veg tan dyed British Tan. All pouches are riveted in place, and the straps are stitched and riveted.