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  1. hello lois. I´m na amateur in this área; but i think the difference of hot stamping to embossing without heat is that for leather with the final treatment the embossing doesnt grab and with the heat it stays. for example the vegetable tanned leather the embossing with na arbor press its easy but i´ve tried with a treated piece of leather and the embossing only stays for a few hours. hope that you understand because my english is not the best. If i am wrong i hope that some one correct´s me thanks
  2. I `m looking better and i think the embossing plate is steel and the metal part where the cartridge heaters enter is iron.
  3. the cartridge heaters look like that itch. they are 1,5cm diametre and 8 cm lenght. The wires also look alike. The embossing plate is not brass it is iron or steel i dont know what is because i had send the piece made and i explained for what was the purpose, but the embossing plate in contact with water stay with superficial rust so i imagine it is iron
  4. why pay 1500/2000 euros when you can do it for 200 euros at home
  5. this is test of the embossing of this machine
  6. This machine is running with 2 resistance of 300wats each; that is very good because it heats faster. In this moment i´m doing only embossing but i already experimented with foil and does a good job; you only have to be aware of the time.
  7. just finished bulding this hot stamping machine Works beautifully.
  8. Thank you Leprechaunleather. If possible go to my facebook page and support with an like; i´ll be very gratful.
  9. Fausto Porto is a Porto-based brand started in 2013, created by myself - Fausto. My goal is to create thoughtful design, by crafting everyday items that spark a change in your life. Each piece is unique and designed following a set of individual objectives. I intend to combine Strong visuals, in order to create meaninful design for the common goods. I care about quality, craft, and exploring new materials that embodied honesty and dignity such as burel. All of my pieces are cut, shaped and finished by hand. I love to think that i will share with my future clientes the same passion for what i do. Well, people often say that it takes two hands to clap, don´t they? Please follow me on facebook and feel free to make constructive criticism! Made with <3 in Porto https://www.facebook.com/FaustoPorto
  10. thank you for all your comments
  11. but using the pricking iron to make the holes till the other side makes any difference on the stiching?
  12. yes; the first picture is the front of the piece and the second photo is the back of the piece. I´m using a pricking iron to make the stiching holes.
  13. Good night. I have a doubt; when you do the saddle stich it stays only in front and not at the back of the piece? i´ve seen several videos and did the same and the result is the photos that i atached. Can someone tell me if what i´m doing is the right way? Thank you
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