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  1. My searches into this came up to naught. My father has been looking to helping me speed up the production process. To that end, he's looking to start clicking out my pieces instead of cutting, and he wants to actually create the dies in house in order to keep costs down. He's an engineer and wants the sort of specifications on dies that I really don't have. Right now, I really don't know what would make a good die versus a bad one. I really also haven't the slightest clue where to get supplies to create them, or what even to search for to price it out! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Due to epic clumsiness on my part, I am forbidden from using power tools of any type. So, using a jigsaw and creating a shaped plaque is out of the question, sadly. The base on those is a thin piece of plywood I found, covered in 10 oz leather. Other than that, any suggestions on ways to improve the next batch? ~Mellie
  3. I had a bunch of bottles from American Science and Surplus that worked great, but sadly they are no more. Now I am the leatherwork hipster, with a row of mason jars. I put glad press and seal around the mouth after each use, makes it airtight. They're clear, obviously, so they need to live away from sunlight. It's... not a good solution, just my current one.
  4. So, these guys aren't masks, they're wall hangings, but I don't know where else to put them! Masks seemed most appropriate. On the left we have Wilifred. An aquatic dragon, he spent years in the Caribbean, where he lived in a sunken ship. On the right, is Snurg, who guarded an abandoned iron mine and smelter. They're life size, and the only things not leather are the eyes and teeth. I showed them at DragonCon, and they're going to be going with some of my other dragons, to an art gallery showing shortly.
  5. Wow. I've been wondering about paper die cutters on leather as well, but sort of assumed it wouldn't work as the ones I have seen seem pretty weak. May I ask what weight leather you used?
  6. I had lurked around here under another user name, but finally got one for the business. Figured I'd introduce myself with some pictures. They're pieces I made for DragonCon's Art Show this year. A book with 5 different types of leather on the cover, all brass fittings, and taxidermy eye. It was HUGE over 12" tall. Head of a dragon backpack. Only thing not leather is the glass eye. Molded greenman wall hanging. Also a glass eye. Without intending to, I've created a theme.
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