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  1. Price reduced. will sell for $1100.00. willing to ship at buyers expense. Thanks.
  2. price isnt set in stone. make an offer. maybe ill say yes maybe no.
  3. ive done a couple dozen thumb break holsters for revolvers and im curious how everyone keeps the cylinder from grabbing the snap on the back of the holster when drawing the gun. I try to grind out a bit of leather and recess the snap but im just curious how yall do it.
  4. i use a couple of pieces of closed cell foam. get the holster wet put the gun in and i sandwich it between the two pieces of foam and sit on it. very crude but it works. obviously if you are girth challenged it might not work as well. i have also used a couple of slabs of wood clamped together instead of using my body weight.
  5. do you have a drawing of the pattern you are going with. it would help answer your question if we knew what the holster looked like
  6. get a remnant bag from springfield. $15 and i got at least 50 small usable pieces and one piece of black snake skin at least 2 feet long and 8 or 9 inches wide
  7. this was my first time working with any exotic. i got a remnant bag from springfield and was blown away at what all came with it. i saw this piece and thought it would be perfect. im trying to figure out what skin it is. any help would be awesome.
  8. I am selling my cast iron Tippmann Boss. I have not used this on any projects. I bought it about a month and a half two months ago and it has sat on my bench untouched. I decided to go a different route. it has all of the original tools and accessories. comes with several bobbins, a roll of white 346 with just a few feet missing. a roll of black 277 that i filled one bobbin with and was gonna try and stitch this week but havnt had time to sit down and mess with it. i also have the led light that will go with the machine. a pack of 10 #200 needles plus the original assortment of needles that came with the machine new. comes with the upgraded wooden shipping crate. machine is very clean and I am the second owner. Asking $1300 obo. willing to ship at buyers expense. will post pictures when I get home.
  9. It could be worn that way but the customer wanted it to be drawn out the back of the the holster.
  10. couple holsters and sheaths ive done lately. the two carvings have been my first attempts. nothing too elaborate but it wasnt a crash and burn so i was happy
  11. I have a customer who has an elephant hide. I am making a holster and a belt with it. with the lkeft over he wants a pair of cowboy boots made. are there any boot makers in ga who can help.
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