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  1. Here is another uploaded album of photos from I was making these leather items http://imgur.com/a/fsxga
  2. Here's a few of my projects that I have just finished recently and would like some insight, opinion and criticism on anything if possible. I'm not a professional by any standard and I just do this as a time killer during weekends. Here's a weaved card wallet, goat skin for the weaved front, and cow for the rear(unweaved) I wasn't able to finish the edge as cleanly as I wanted, how do you guys/girls bevel goat skin considering it is so soft? This was just a pretty small skin of a snake that I got for fun, just wanted to play with it. wasn't sure how to go with it. Same thing for the snake skin how do people even bevel these things? once I place the beveller the skin folders, so I just cut a straight line and called it a day, hated finishing this one. Here's a weaved pouch with lamb suede interior and cow exterior, how do you guys finish edges with zippers? I wasn't able to get the edge where leather meets zipper to finish as flush as I wanted. Here's the whole thing all together. And as a bonus, here's an even larger pouch finished in goat for exterior and interior. How do you guys/girls flip a bag inside out without the sewn seam folding at the corners? I tried to do angled cuts at the seams to help it fold better at the corners but it just wouldn't stay straight at all. Any opinion & criticism is welcome.
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