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  1. Hi Everyone, Tim McDaniel here. I have a question and I am hopeing somebody can answer bit. Does anybody know of a good tannery that offers cowhides, rabbit, goat, and deer hides that will sell their stuff ? and can they do it on wholesale ? Sorry, it was two questions. Tim McDaniel Co Owner of "Who Knows ?":
  2. Thank you Dwight. And no, I don't need a class for everything. I love to create, I love to think about what it will look like in the end. The SCA is the Society for Creative Anacronism, or the Club were everybody dresses up in they're famous medieval costumes. We have craftsmen like leather workers, Blacksmiths, Bards, Fighters (leather stuff") Armorers, just like the Middle ages. I would like to make armor. That is just me, and bags for toting money and other valuables. And hats, the big floppy kinds. Again, Thank you Dwight, your input was Helpful.
  3. Hi there, My name is Tim McDaniel and you have guessed correctly. I am new to this stuff. What do I need to do the SCA stuff and Guns and Knife Sheaths. I do some leather work with Scissors and brass rivets. Please help me out. Oh please, help me out. Thanks, Tim McDaniel
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