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  1. Great. Thank you. Glad to hear the Adler & Nick O Sew have good reputations. Seems that I should be able to find parts online at a reasonable price, if needed. awharness - what type or weight of leather/materials do you use with your Adler?
  2. Thank you for the help and pointers! If I can't get it right now, there is no hope for me Chief- what kind of cutter are you using? I just purchased a 9" Klein side cutter and hope that is going to do the trick. I didn't think to file the rivet, so thanks for that. Hi Dwight - I do have the same tool specifically for setting copper rivets. Perhaps the steel plate will be helpful. Are these easy to come by? Thanks Andrew & Chuck - I will definitely look into Douglas tools.
  3. Hello, I have recently started hand-hammering copper-rivets (sorry neighbors!). I've got a great 1# maul, a marble slab, and a hand held rivet setter with doming tool. But getting a nice, smooth & round finish on my rivet has been difficult. Any suggestions or tricks here? Many thanks! Leslie
  4. Hello, If anyone has any advice on the suitability of this machine for my needs I would be very appreciative. The machine I am looking at purchasing is a rebuilt Adler 467 Single Needle Walking Foot with Large Top Load Bobbin and Reverse ($1200+$200 shipping). I will be using the machine to sew together leather and canvas bags and also zippered pouches from 6-7 oz leather. I envision the maximum load being sewing 2 layers of 10oz bridle leather straps onto several layers of heavy canvas. I am relatively new to using a walking foot machine but I would still like to have to be able to make smooth, controlled and neat stitches, even around corners. The machine is equipped with: new 110V Nick-O Sew 3/4 HP Servo Speed Control Motor along with NKS-SR-2 Dual Speed Reducer smooth feed dog presser foot lift of 1/2" maximum thread size is a T207 Just wondering if this sounds like the perfect machine for me? Would a different model be better? Also, are there any questions or concerns that I should ask the dealer before making my purchase? Many thanks in advance! Leslie
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