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  1. Thank you both for your quick replies and detailed information! Yea, I don't think I want to be fiddling under the table with a tiny button for speed changes. I'll stick with the Family Sew model on my wish list for now. Art, thanks for the other recommendation as well. That H.H. i90 is a bit steep for me, currently, but I'll keep it in mind if I ever get to where I can justify a nice upgrade! We can hope, but I'll be wanting to pick-up a double needle down the road before that. LOL - always wanting more toys, I guess!
  2. Hello All! I'm looking for anyone with first hand knowledge of two different servo motors I'm looking at for my Singer 211G165. It's on a clutch motor now, and I'd like to switch to a servo for speed control, noise reduction, and lower energy consumption. Additionally, I'm more concerned with control over speed, think detailed stitch control for leather appliques, tight corner turns, and unusual curves. I'd still like to get as much torque as I can since I will be doing a fair amount of multi-layer work (like with bags, backpacks, coats, and corsets). Material-wise, I'll mostly be using it for garment and upholstery weight leathers as well as canvases and sometimes denims. I'm pretty much a complete noobie with very little motor and electrical knowledge. My research, thus far, consists predominantly of scouring the forum for feedback and comments and reading what few other reviews I've located via Google searches. There's quite a lot of positive feedback regarding the Family Sew FS-500 motors here on the forums, and I almost feel like I know the folks at Toledo Industrial Sewing at this point (that's a gold start for you guys, if you're reading this); although, I've yet to call and talk to them--it's on my to-do list. With regards to the Reliablle SewQuiet line, I've not located anything (yet) here on Leatherworker.net regarding those motors, but did find several threads on the hotrodder forums with considerable positive feedback; although almost all of those were on the 5000 series which is no longer available and now replaced with the "upgraded" Reliable Sewquiet 6000SM Both Motors are rated at 3/4 HP. The Family Sew is a brush motor with a cork brake (there appears to be mixed feelings on the brake and ease of operation regarding projects with only a few stitches/stitch-by-stitch work) and uses a knob adjustment for speed control. The SewQuiet 6000SM is a brushless motor that incorporates a 12 coil design "for improved torque" (that's about as much as I understand about that!), has a digital speed control limiter, and, supposedly, employs their "STEP STITCHING TECHNOLOGY - SST™" for control with detailed sewing. It also has an optional synchronizer available for precise up/down needle control (a plus with applique work and turning as opposed to hand-wheeling it all the time). On paper, the Reliable seems to better fit my needs, assuming it can actually deliver on it's claims. The hotrodder guys seems to highly prefer the 5000 series over the Family Sew machines. HOWEVER, I greatly value the opinions of other leatherworkers here, and everything I see is referencing the Family Sew. Now, whether the Family Sew is better, or the folks here just haven't explored the more recent Reliable Sewquiets, I don't know. Thus this post. Thanks to each and every one of you that take the time to read this and hopefully reply with your experiences! (: A new motor is on the short list for my holiday present this year, and I'm hoping I make the right decision.
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