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  1. Hi Tina, Any idea how I could get a pretty lavender color on both veg tanned leather and kangaroo lace? I have a full set of Feibings Pro Oil Dye and a full set of Eco Flo Pro Waterstains Thanks in advance for any help... Joyce
  2. This is a great conversation. I just bought a complete set of the waterstains and am researching color mixing. I happened across this blog about waterstain application testing. http://www.willghormley-maker.com/OldDogsAndNewTricks.html I would like to make a lavender color and a burnt orange... so any color mixing suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  3. I just bought a full set of the Eco Flo Professional Waterstains... I make jewelry so I really need a product that is not going to rub off. I want to mix some pretty colors... like lavender and burnt orange... Any idea how I would get lavender? thnx... J.
  4. I just bought a complete set of the Eco Flo Professional Waterstains. Is there a color chart? I want to make lavender.
  5. Hi, I can't see the photos.. am I doing something wrong... I really want to see these flowers.... J.
  6. Hi, I found this great video on the subject of wetting the leather or not. http://www.willghormley-maker.com/OldDogsAndNewTricks.html
  7. Thank you Tim and Glendon, I will order some Resolene today. Another question... it is true that leather should not be dyed on the back? thanks...
  8. Thanks Dwight! What would you use to seal it? The reason I am so hopeful that I can use the Pro Oil Dye is that I have 2 bottles of each color and would hate to chuck it all and buy a new brand... Someone suggested I just not dye the backs of my projects... I never thought of that... I appreciate the help.. J.
  9. So interesting... My question that tags along with this one is whether or not Feibings Pro Oil Dye is appropriate for bracelets and belts... I was told that it bleeds and discolors skin and clothing... Thanks...
  10. Another question: is Feibings Pro Oil Dye suitable for bracelets and belts?
  11. I need some advice. I want to make leather bracelets with applique kangaroo lacing. I have a full set of Feibings Professional Oil Dye and was told that they would bleed and mark skin and clothing. Question: Can I use Feibings Pro Oil Dye on vegetable tanned leather bracelets & belts or... do I need to buy new dyes? Also... what kind of finish should I use? Thank you!
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