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  1. ENIGunleather

    Removing Bad Snaps or Rivets

    I used to use a drill, now I have a 1/2" thick steel plate with a 3/8" and 1/2" holes drilled through it. When I need to remove a snap or rivet I break out a punch about the diameter of the stud and line the piece up over the hole, one good wack and the snap or rivet is removed.
  2. ENIGunleather

    Ok, Let Me Have It...

    For your stitch lines I always measure the firearm halve the measurement and then stitch that far out. For example a 1911 is about an inch wide so my stitch lines are 1/2 inch from the firearm on both sides. Always has produced a holster that the firearm pops into for me.
  3. ENIGunleather

    Hello From Missouri

    If you intend on making this into a business do it right and get the llc. It's the cheapest insurance you'll ever get. Also any time you make over $600 it's taxable income but make sure to write off your tools etc.
  4. ENIGunleather

    Lansky Sharpener For Round Knife

    I used mine on my round knife the other day for the first time. I used the 20 degree setting and did the knife in quarters until I created a burr on the other side progressively with finer stones. Then I buffed it with my 6 inch bench buffer with mild compound. It took a lot of time but it cuts like a hot knife through butter now.