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  1. If you happen to remember, I'd be interested in knowing what material it is. I've been thinking of experimenting with quilting leather. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I currently use something I got from tandy but I'll be sure to see if they carry anything smaller.
  3. So are there any tips on what size of thread and needle I should be using in conjunction with amount of ounces per piece. if anyone has a general rule of thumb I'd be interested in hearing it. Do particular item merit certain sizes of thread?
  4. Lookin' good! what size thread and needle did you use for stitching on the card holder?
  5. Hello, fellow Newbie!
  6. Self taught? I think I might be going down this route as well. After looking up how much actual classes cost from the locally available instructors...well, looks like it's Youtube, Pdfs, and Forums for me LOL
  7. I tried looking up S H Frank in SF and the yelp reviews are a little intimidating Being a newcomer to this, I'd probably wait until I know a little more about what I'm asking for before taking the leap and going there in person. The place in Napa looks very promising though. I'd probably check that one out first. Quick question for everyone in the bay. Did you guys go to a school to learn this or just start doing things yourselves and learned via trial and error? Just wondering
  8. Thank you everyone! Yes, I initially went to the Tandy store in Union City. The regional manager was there and pointed me to the direction of where the tools are. Afterwards, a worker there helped me out and I inquired about the classes. He told me they haven't had any in a long time and that their website would update with a schedule once they do. I was really looking forward to those classes as well. I didn't know of the store in Napa so I'll have to check that out one day. I did check out the San Bruno and it's really close and convenient. Does "Frank" have a store I should check out is he a member here? In any case, it's always nice to have options as far as resources go. I'd like to make a number of things, but namely holders for my various devices and tools, wallets, bags, and maybe one day an leather briefcase. I've been gathering as much info and books that I can and have been reading through material daily. I've also been watching countless youtube videos on the subject by most of the popular leathercraftsmen on there. So far I've made some very rough ipod holders and a slim wallet for my work badge. My craft currently suffers from tool deprivation but I'm looking to remedy that, at least partly in the next coming weeks. I'd like to get a number 3 edge beveler and possibly something for smoothing those edges. Tan kote maybe? I'm a newb so I might be thinking of something else by another name. Anyways, I hope I can become as skilled as many of you on this board. Your all an inspiration to me
  9. Hello Everyone! I'd just like to say I'm finding this site very helpful as a beginner to working with leather. There aren't many places to learn this particular craft and paying the amount asked for classes in this area is not an option for me. I'm currently trying to figure out which tools will suit me best as an amateur and am narrowing down the materials I'll be using for the meantime as my budget and skill are similarly very small. If anyone knows of any "cost effective" resources I could use in the San Francisco area please let me know. Thank you all in advance! Have a great day
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