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  1. Ron,

    Your swell cover looks good. I know that was one area you wanted to improve and you sure accomplished the goal. I like your tooling as well. You have a good style.

    I have struggled with the ear cuts. I finally got them cut right (at least good enough) the first time on my current saddle. Good luck with the seat. I know it is stressful.


  2. Ron,

    I took the one photo of my saddle directly from the side so that you could see the rise in the ground seat. I got that from another thread on marketing saddles. The other angle that is helpful is looking straight down. Then you can see the leg cut outs.

    I am learning a lot about ground seats. You know my second saddle thread turned into a ground seat discussion. It was really beneficial for me.

    The saddle is looking good. I am going to work on rigging plates tonight and maybe my skirts some. Good luck on the spring deadline. It will be here before you know it.


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