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  1. Hi Sripradeep Thanks for your reply - that's very useful to know! Xzii
  2. Hi I'd like to fit some 'cylindical feet' (I'm not sure if they have a proper name?) to the bottom of a satchell for protection when placed on the ground. After a lot of searching, I finally tracked down some on sale at Hudson Supplies in Canada (in two sizes ref 10E-SC-500-ANT / 10E-SC-503-OTT) - for example http://www.hudson4su...s/product-11742 if I'm allowed to include a URL to illustrate what I'm talking about. If you are aware of any alternative suppliers for this type of feet, ideally in the UK or Europe (or prepared to post to the UK or Europe), I'd be keen to hear from you. If you've actually used this type of feet I'd also be interested in kowing how effective they are in practice, and how easy they are to fit. Your assistance would be appreciated...
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