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  1. Thank you both for the replies. I'm in the US so would not be able to check out the place in Vancouver. I talked with W&C and am hoping they'll have what I need!
  2. Happy New Year! The few times I've posted here I have always received great information and feedback so I am hoping that someone might be able to assist me today. Someday I hope to return the favor! I have been searching for a softer veg tan leather to make both large and small bags (large totes, bucket bags, etc). I've mainly worked with Hermann Oak and W&C for the items I've been making so far but want something softer. Does anyone know of a supplier of US milled leather in natural veg tan? Is "milled" the correct term for what I am looking for? I've contacted Sheridan, Montana Leather, Maverick, and Oregon leather but have had no luck. Springfield is closed for the day and I can't tell on their site if the milled leather they have is US leather. I have not contacted Weaver b/c I received a hide from them last year that was not great. But mucho $$$. I don't want to get my leather from Tandy. If brown or black is my only other option, any US based suppliers would still be appreciated. For my current business I try to have all of my materials be US based. Perhaps this may be the exception where the leather is from outside the US but at least from a US supplier? Thanks again! Beth
  3. Thanks again y'all! I just ordered some Skidmore's and am going to get some of the Lexol non-darkening oil and do a few tests with these products. The more I research the various conditioners and finishes, the more overwhelmed I get! I'm hoping the Skidmore's is what I am looking for because it seems to be an all in one product that is also environmentally friendly. Also, after doing a lot of research on other folks that sell veg tanned leather good (not tooled) it seemed like a lot of them use the fact that they do absolutely nothing to the leather (as in no conditioners and no finishes) as a selling point. Does this mean that it may not be necessary to take all of these steps of conditioning and finishing? To me I feel like I should do as much as possible to ensure I have a quality product going out the door. But maybe I'm wrong!
  4. Thanks for the responses so far! I should clarify my comment about the leather not darkening -- I know it will darken as the leather is used and I want this to happen. I am not trying to prohibit this natural occurrence to take place! This is what drew me to using veg tan leather rather than other types of leather. My main concern is trying to have my finished product look as close to the natural color as possible when it is finished rather than being significantly darkened by a finish. I want the users own oils as well as the sun, wear and tear, etc. to be what darkens the leather. I've attached a photo of what I envision. I'll give the resolene another try…it's quite possible I was using it wrong. Thanks again!
  5. I have searched through the forum to find the answer to this so apologies if it is somewhere and I have not been able to find the answer! Does anyone have suggestions on the best finish to use to maintain the natural, light look of veg tan leather and that won't darken it at all/much? I know the veg tan will darken as it is used but I would like it to happen as naturally as possible. Is it even necessary to use a finish if I am not dying or tooling the leather? I make wallets/cases/bags and am also wondering how necessary it is to use any conditioner. Is a persons natural oils enough to keep the leather from drying? I have tried a few different products such as neatsfoot oil, a nf/beeswax blend, and resolene, but it seems that most darken the leather or leave it with a very unnatural, shiny look. If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it! Otherwise I'll just keep searching for other products and keep testing and testing. Thank you.
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