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  1. Sucess!! Thanks you guys for the help!! It was pilot error! When taking out the bobbin we didnt realize there was a spring iside! It dropped out! Bob from Toledo sewing machines was great and sent us a new spring! The machine is great and highly recommend The Cowboy series of sewing machines! With all the help from the members we have learned our way around the fine art of sewing of machines! We need lots more practice but, Practice makes perfect! Thanks again! You guys saved a lot of frustration! Looking forward to sharing our ware's in the future. Dave and Jackie Pressley DJP Handmade P.S. Also adjusted the bobbin winder. It winds much more even.
  2. Thanks Wizcraft! We did everything above. took apart and cleaned bobbin as well. we did a test, and the first 2" did good and then the bobbin caught and pulled again. Something has to be wrong with the way the thread is being loaded ON the bobbin to begin with before it goes in the shuttle. Question 1: when winding the thread on the bobbin, is your tension set at pretty loose or pretty tight...? Question 2: when the trhead winds on the bobbin, it looks nice and neat and layered at one end and then the other ends looks a bit messy. This has caused the bobbin to catch sometimes. What is wrong with the threader? Question 3: when the threaded bobbin is put into the shuttle, is your thread going over the top of the bobbin from L to R or is it going under the bobbin from L to R. We don't understand why this all of a sudden started messing up after using the machine successfully for the past few weeks. The only thing was i switched out my bobbin thread (for the same size) to continue stitching a strap after the first bobbin ran out and then it started messing up and having the loops on the top. It just doesn't make sense and we are so frustrated at trying to fix this thing right now.
  3. We are thinking that when we wind the thread on the bobbin that something is amiss. at first (weeks ago) it went on unevenly when threaded but it sewed fine. Now when it goes on neatly it is catching and pulling when we sew. AND the loops are still on top. We have played with the tension in every way possible, we have loosened the little feeder plate on the bobbin and back, we have re-threaded the machine to make sure we didn't miss a step, and the tensions are as loose as we can make them. If we go tighter it doesnt work. THe thread is binding on the bobbin and that is the biggest problem along with the loops on top.
  4. Hey Bob, I worked it out the last time we spoke. Something changed? Like I said we have been sewing for a couple of weeks withe same set up? Dave
  5. Also, The take up spring was rubbing on the side of the machine. Its not performing a full stroke up and down. I worked that out now have to adjust for a 3/8" stroke.
  6. I think its the bobbin. We have been sewing the same material, same needle, thread, etc. for two weeks now. We filled the bobbin, started the sew and we started having the problem? When I first set up the machine I had the same problem and worked it out by loosening the primary tension. The boobin tension is perfect, then the thread binds on the bobbin? Could we be filling the bobbin wrong? or are we loading the bobbin the wrong way? (Bobbin should run Counter clockwise is that over or under the bobbin?) Thanks sooo much for your time guys! learning something new is always a challenge! But, one I love! Best, Dave and Jackie DJP Handmade
  7. I am having another issue with loops showing on the top of the leather. I am using a Cowboy 3200. I think the issue may be the bobbin tightness but not sure. Sometimes the thread coming up from the bobbin is so tight it won't pull out. At first we had the bobbin in upside down but we sewed with it like that for quite awhile (2 weeks) and then i had to change the bobbin out and put it in still upside down and now its doing top loops. I have fiddled with EVERYTHING and checked the manual over and over again. I just can't figure this one out. Can someone please shed some light on what this might be? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I recently got a Cowboy CB2300 and its great! We are still learning how to use it compared to a regular sewing machine. One problem we are having is the thread tension. We're using sz23 needle with sz 135 thread. It looks like the bobbin thread is pulling up through the top. The top thread is loose and runs straight across the top of the leather. It is not being pulled into the hole at all. We tried tightening the tension on the bobbin case and we tried tightening the tensions up top. Maybe we didn't tighten one or the other enough? When i sewed 3 layers of 3oz leather it was fine but when i sewed just the one layer of 8oz it had this problem. Can anyone shed some light on this? Please help! Thanks!
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