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    My wife and I enjoy our cats, photography, leather, shooting sports, & retirement.
  1. I'm new to the website, but not to leather working. Along the way I self taught lacing, stitching, carving, dyeing and finishing from books and pamphlets. I've done some work in the past, like a gun belt and two holsters (the one on the right is a cross draw) for my wife and my checkbook folder. I also made the possibility bag back in 1997-98 (?) that has been my constant companion ever since, carrying the checkbook, cellphones, loose change, receipts, key fob and keys, folding knife, badges and passes, et cetera. I wore out the shoulder strap, several years ago, that was laced to the two side gussets, but have not repaired it because I'm going to make a new and improved bag. I must admit these are not very professional, but they met the need. Now I'm going to improve designs, quality of work and finishing. Maybe even make some pocket money.
  2. ...Johanna for figuring out my registration problems and getting me squared away!
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