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  1. Thank you so much Cheryl, I wish it was my idea alone I had seen a piece a few years back about how to do it, I think it was by Al Stohlman, but I can't find it anywhere now. Thanks for your advice, I was thinking resolene too.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been lurking, enjoying reading your posts, but now I need your help. I made this ring for my husband today and wondered if anyone had any good advice on waterproofing it, I burnished it with some beeswax on a homemade mandrel mounted to my drill. I'm just not sure that would be enough, especially the inside that touches skin. Thanks so much for any help. ~ Misty

  4. Thanks Bruce and mulefool, for the great advice, the reason I'm only replacing one was because thats all she wanted, but you brought a great point to my attention and I'm gonna talk to her about both of them. The saddle itself looks pretty good, not old at all, and the leather is wearing out at the point where its rubbing against the rigging dee. The other stirrup leather (off side) looks pretty good but I can see where it's rubbing too, so sooner or later it will have to go. Thanks again for your help. Misty
  5. Hi, this is my first post and I really need some advice. I've gotten my first "for real" repair job, and I'm not sure what to charge. I need to replace one 2 1/2" stirrup leather, I know its a very basic repair but please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Misty
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