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    I make Wine, Jerky and play Guitar, Mandolin and Harmonica.

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    Want to learn to make custom guitar and mandolin straps
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  1. I am making a pigskin lined guitar strap for Collective Soul. I have 3 conchs to add, do i add them before the lining so the screw is covered ??

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    2. carver


      I have made them both ways.if the cochos are silver and would need to be polished occassionally I will explain to the buyer the advantage of being able to remove the concho and have less risk of discoloring the leather from silver polish. also if thechicago screw is visible it also gives them the latidue to change the conchos to something else for different look

    3. Hawk Scarbrough

      Hawk Scarbrough

      Screw conchos eventually loosen. I generally leave an opening to tighten them when necessary.

    4. carver


      I always put a dab of of lock tight on the screw but use the lower strength one I have also used silicone contact cement and elmers in a pinch

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