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  1. Thanks for the replies. I hadn't thought about mixing colors. I'll have to look up the mixing chart now
  2. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a favorite medium brown for dying holsters and belts with? I typically use the Fiebings Pro Dye and love it. But, I cannot find a good medium brown that I like. I love the pro dye as it doesn't streak and give a nice even coat. I have a bottle of water based Eco Flow Timber Brown. It's about the right shade with enough red in it. But, it blotches up terribly on the leather! I'm looking to buy some Angelus dye as I found what I think is a good color from the online swatches. Does anyone have any feedback on the Angelus dyes? Thanks in advance for the help. Craig
  3. kyleatherworker

    Like New - Cowboy 3200 with many upgrades

    This has been sold. Sorry as I cannot figure out how to edit my original posting.
  4. kyleatherworker

    Like New - Cowboy 3200 with many upgrades

    Sorry, I failed to list the state. Northern Ohio.
  5. kyleatherworker

    Like New - Cowboy 3200 with many upgrades

    For sale is a brand new (only used 2 times) Cowboy 3200 cylinder bed sewing machine. Seriously, I only made on holster and one belt on this machine. It's literally brand new still. I bought this new from Ryan Neele and within 1 week of owning it, I ran across another machine that is larger and that I originally wanted. Since purchasing the new machine, I do not need the Cowboy 3200. It come will all accessories from the factory. Plus, the belt makers kit ($180) and the flat top conversion table ($120). Asking $1700, (you can save $300 plus the normal $225 shipping on this one) I will drive within 3-4 hours to meet someone on this deal. Also, I will traveling to many place in upcoming weeks. I'm happy to meet anyone along the way. Western KY to Northern Western KY to Mobile, AL Western KY to central Kansas
  6. kyleatherworker

    A Cobra got me today!

    Sweet! I think you'll love the machine. I envy you living so close to SLC. I'm 4.5 hours away. But, that's probably a good thing for my wallet
  7. kyleatherworker

    Money Clip and Keycase Hardware -$2@

    This is an older thread.....But, do you happen to still any money clips available?
  8. kyleatherworker

    Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Here's a few pics showing two layers of 7-8oz from belt blanks. And, two layers of 3-4oz. Both leathers are dry and untouched. Don't mind the thread/needle size on the 7-8oz. I didn't bother changing it from working on wallets. Also, check out the backside. It's pushing hard enough to leave a reverse impressing from the cylinder arm plate You can see the walking foot impressions are deeper than the presser foot. The presser foot adjustment is as loose as it will go. So, will adjusting the foot arm on the back of the machine move the entire foot assemble up, including the presser foot?
  9. kyleatherworker

    Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Hi Alexander, Thanks for the suggestion. I may need to do this. I've done more testing on the 3200 with lighter weights leather (2-5/6oz. & 2-3/4oz.) both were in regular dry form from the supplier. All harness leather and natural Herman Oak. In both cases, the walking and presser foot are still leaving more than desired impressions. I've adjusted the presser foot tension until the adjustment knob jumped out. Luckily, I was anticipating this. So, I think I may try a small adjustment on the foot height linkage arm. But, will this move both the walking foot and the presser up or down with the single adjustment? Craig
  10. kyleatherworker

    Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Thanks Wiz. You know, the weather has changed here with some colder temps and rain. And, although I did let the finish dry for 16 hours, it might have needed a tad bit longer. This may be reason the samples pieces that came with the machine didn't show as much. I just didn't think about this. Time to do a better test now. Thanks!
  11. kyleatherworker

    Cowboy 3200 foot needed

    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if the force was increased on the single toe. Any thoughts on whether raising the foot higher will also reduce the amount of force? Of course, will this also lesson the pressure to the point of slippage?
  12. kyleatherworker

    Table for 3200

    Sweet! I opted to buy the table although I haven't got to use it yet. By the way, would you mind sharing your setup for sewing wallets? I've never done this yet but plan to this week. I'm going to use 138 thread on up to 3 layers of 3-4oz. Craig
  13. Hello, I just bought myself a very nice Cowboy 3200. Man, do I love this machine. Such a difference after working on a Tippman Boss. However, I'm experiencing some issues in regards to the feed foot and presser foot impressions. The samples that came from Cowboy didn't really show this. But, I did swap the double foot for the left walking foot right away. The attached photo shows the impressions being made, specifically with the main walking foot inside the radius at the bottom of the trigger guard area. NOTE: this appears worse than it really is due to the glare. But, it's still worse than I'd like. I've loosened the top pressure knob for the walking foot. Again, I can live with the impression it is giving. But, I'm uncertain what do on the main walking foot. The instructions state about how to raise or lower the main walking foot. My question....will this correct this? If so, what is the consequences of this when going to lighter material? The holster is Herman Oak 7-8oz. 2 pcs. I want to also to sew 3 layers of 3-4oz. (so, about 1/2). BTW, I sewed some pocket knife sheaths from two layers of 5-6oz. and didn't really notice this as much. Thanks for any and all help!
  14. kyleatherworker

    Hello from Kentucky

    Hi Pattern, I too live in West KY (Paducah). Maybe we can help each other along in the art of leatherworking. Craig