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  1. looked it up not quite what Im looking for thank you.
  2. I actually have this book duh Ill look it up thanks. But I really appreciate the pdf to have on my computer in addition to the hard copy thanks a bunch.
  3. Yay yes. Thank you so much. Is there a pattern to turn back an 8 plait somewhere? Also where did you learn to braid romel reins and what would you suggest for a newcomer? Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  4. Hey would you be interested in selling Gail Houghts books on how to braid romel reins?

  5. Still trying to find someone to send me instructions on how to do a 8 plait turn back for romel reins? Thanks in advance
  6. Please contact me or respond.
  7. How do I secure the loop ends of the braided romel reins under the large cowboy knot? Im using a leather core. These reins will be used so I need them to hold up to a horses resistance if needed. Thanks in advance.
  8. Looking for used books by Gail Hought. How to Braid Romel reins 1 or 2 or both
  9. Hi looking for links for reference on Tom Hall Books or looking to buy used books : Weatern Tack Tips, More Western Tack Tips, and Intro to Turks Head Knots. Thanks!
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