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  1. Billy's brochure. FLATBRIM BROCHURE.pdf
  2. Does anybody know where someone might be able to find a handful of toggling clips, 20+? Would like to have some for stretching rawhides in a frame. Thank you for all the help.
  3. Does anyone have a good source for purchasing Roo hides either state side or in Australia? I some information at one time but I seemed to have lost it. Thanks for the help!
  4. Look up Billy DeMarco on Facebook. He makes some of the best around, lots of good braiders use it. Costs a little bit but it's done the right way.
  5. I understand the general idea behind the Turks head and have tied a bunch of them in the over one under one fashion but I see some of the better braiders using an under 2 over 2 knot or over 3 under 3. I haven't been able to find any videos on this is the concept bad ally the same? Any advice or links would be appreciated.
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