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  1. ok , thanks for the tip, I will drop them a line
  2. Thanks! They are US based though? I am looking for someone to supply UK, Shipping costs / import duty would be a lot I think ..
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend a wholesale supplier for snap fasteners (800-1000 pieces)? Ive looked at a few UK based wholesalers but to be honest can see any difference between these and the cheap ones you can buy on ebay like these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/30-pcs-Snap-Fastener-Poppers-Press-Stud-12mm-w-4-Fixing-Leather-Tool-Craft-Kit-/321416645241?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4ad5ecca79 Its really important to my product that they are well made and don't fail after prolonged use - they will be on the front o purses and wallets so will see some daily use. Can anyone make a recommendation for supply to the uk? thanks
  4. Renoir - thanks for this review, its extremely useful. I'm Bristol/Bath based and just starting out making things from leather. I think I'll give them a visit. Is there anyone else in the South West worth considering? I did speak to Thomas Ware Tanners in Bristol, who were also extremely friendly and helpful but suggested I'd probably get more choice and availability from someone like AW Midgley, albeit at a slightly higher price, as they (Thomas Ware) are mainly making to order in a limited choice of colours.
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