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  1. Thank you! Helpful tips. Teaching him not to pull is the Holy Grail. I’ve gotten 37 different opinions on how to do it, & so far none have worked very well ;D
  2. Hi y’all - I’ve been an off-and-on lurker on these forums for a while, & now I have a specific question! I’ve been working on coming up with & testing a solid dog collar design for my goofball German Shepherd. I keep having issues with my collars stretching. For the most recent one, I used a midweight veg tan leather with a softer leather backing, & it was better than previous designs, but still ended up stretching significantly. Should I go to a heavier weight veg? Try backing the veg with harness or latigo leather? Are there certain finishes or treatments that would help stiffen the leather & provide water protection? All ideas & experience appreciated! I want to come up with a design that can be tooled on the outside but still hold up to all the wear that a dog will put a collar through. Thanks! Kambra
  3. Hi all! I tried searching this topic before posting but wasn't having much luck. I found a Rex 26-188 with table on craigslist for $350 & am considering buying it. I make small leather goods - I'm very into tooling & braiding - & having a sewing machine is the next big step I would need to take. I don't have any plans to make anything bigger than handbags/messenger bags in the foreseeable future, so all I need is a machine that can handle lighter weight vegtan pieces & thin garment leathers. My understanding is that these machines work just fine for those tasks as long as I can either find a smooth walking foot & feed dog for it? My boyfriend also machines his own motorcycle parts in our garage, so I'm really curious if anyone has ground down serrated feet or feed dogs & if so how well that worked out? Also, what sorts of questions should I ask the seller? Thanks!
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