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  1. Does anyone know of a knife maker or bladesmith that makes splitter blades? the one that came with my splitter is ground so thin it bends when I put leather in to split and already has chips out of it. Thank you, James
  2. Does anyone know of good detailed dvd's on plaiting for whips and round braids with knots? I was hoping to find copies of Bernies dvd's (em brand whips) is there are any still in circulation? I already own marlinespike knot works dvds, looking for more in plaiting specifically.
  3. I recently bought a splitter off the tandy outlet supply site, req $899 got it for around $250. Every time I got to split leather it carves out the centre of my piece and the outer edges are the thickness i wanted. I have tried in several locations across the 8" blade so I know its flat and not a bent blade. Has anyone had this happen to them, could it be my technique or did I buy a lemmon tool. I have posted some pics of the splitter and what its doing. Thank you for your assistance. James Newbie
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