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  1. Yep I designed the logo. @Tugadude Wow, I'm flattered. I believe that making is making - that all media, all abilities, and all experiences are connected. ~_^ Thanks so much. Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome, everyone! •Gem•
  2. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I wanted to thank the community for all I read here about vinegar black. I am madly in love with using mordant instead of dye. I was able to turn out an impulse project in no time with my month old brew. It's a holster for my fabric scissors. I made the mistake of using the live edge of the hide for the rim (I liked the soft curve of it), but it's too floppy and soft for my liking, so I know next time to either line the rim or be sure to use a tougher inner part of the hide for that edge. It was instantly gratifying and deeply satisfying. I'm thankful for this forum and hope I can post and read more when I can get my head out of my work. Take care everyone! ~gemfox
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