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  1. Hey Rick, did anything happen with the guild thing ?  I also live just off Happy Valley and need to learn a bunch more.

    1. rickybobby


      Hi CJ,

      No one came forward.

      I have a couple guys that come in for lessons a couple times a week and work on projects, get advice and tips to do more at home.

      Some time has freed up for me so I can spend some time on the forum here, I'm looking forward to that.

      Stop in the shop sometime. Tuesday is private lesson day so my attention is focused on them but any other day is fine. Bring a piece of your work finished or not. I can give direction or just enjoy it depending on what direction you want.

      Sorry it took so long to get back.


      623 271-3309

      Desert Gun Leather / Jorgenson Leather

      21424 n. 7th Avenue

      Suite #12

      Phoenix, AZ 85027


  2. I would like to ask if you might have a pattern for the pouches? Very nice work, I would like to try my hand at it as well.
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