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  1. Almost a year late to the conversation, but what I've always done is I sewed my beadwork straight to some light weight pig skin, making the pig skin backer about the width of the belt and about 1 1/2" to 2" longer on each end of the beaded section, and then I sandwhich the belt together with like two 6 oz pieces of leather, having a window cut out for the beaded section. So the pig skin will end up being sewn between the two sandwhiched pieces of leather that makes up the belt and the beaded section doesn't go anywhere.
  2. dallyfoster

    Needles on Cowboy CB4500

    Ok, im new to the whole sewing machine stuff, what is the difference between the 7x4 leather point I bought and the 794s?
  3. dallyfoster

    Needles on Cowboy CB4500

    Looks very nice. I bought 7x4 leatherpoint needles off of Cobra's webpage, size #23 for the 138 thread that I purchased. Hopefully I can make it look as nicely as your wallet turned out, but I have quite a bit of practice yet to do. I like how minimalist that wallet is, what are the thicknesses of leather you use on it?
  4. dallyfoster

    Needles on Cowboy CB4500

    So likely I've got 7x4 for a reason for my Cowboy 4500, and should stick with those. I did not know if there was much difference and if it were just a point of preference.
  5. dallyfoster

    Needles on Cowboy CB4500

    I recently bought a Cowboy Cb4500 and could not be happier with it. I got 277 thread with the machine and two sizes of needles 180/24 and 200/25, in 7x4 Diameter, the 180/24 for if I use the 277 on lighter leathers, but I was looking at perhaps getting some 138 thread thread for some lighter leather projects. On Cobra's website I seen they had some 135x8 that can go up to size 22 needle for use with 138 thread. I was curious what the difference in 7x4 and 135x8 needles in leatherpoints are? I figured I would just order 7x4 in size 23 for 138 thread, but was curious what the difference in the two types of needles are?