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  1. yes unfortunately Im sure its the nickel wearing off. I slid wallet with the rivets on it on a white table and birch table and they both show a bronze/orange color underneathe I will look into buckleguy for sure. And I will at the very least try the clear nail polish although I am bummed about having to go the extra step. Thanks for your input!
  2. Please do.. I am desperate for decent rivets. I am so disappointed in these Tandy ones for sure thank you!
  3. Hi everyone! So I had a bit of a melt down yesterday. I have been making wallets in both vinyl and leather and used rapid rivets from Tandy as a pretty big part of the main outside piece. After getting 6 entire wallets done and getting them all photographed to post online I realized that while taking pics of the inside of the wallets.. The rivets were brushing up against the table. Once the last wallet was photographed I notice that every single wallet had damage to the rivets the nickel plating rubbed off in places so now there are orange/bronze spots showing through the rivets. Since these are wallets to be sold and quality is such a big deal to me.. Would anyone have any ideas on where I can get rivets that will stand up better to a little wear and tear? I mean these wallets were literally slid across a table a couple of times each and they are all shot. I can only image what they'll look like after getting slid in and out of someone's purse repeatedly. also is there any way to maybe repair some of the damage? That was two weeks of my life and some decent coin in materials right down the drain Thanks in advance for any advice!
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