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  1. Selling 132 Leather Craftsman and Make It With Leather magazines dating from1957 to 1983. 1970 to 1983 are complete with the exception of 1972 May/June. Earlier editions are hit and miss.
  2. Have completed a spread sheet of my collection. Approx 460 pages and a few that are not part of the Tandy index. Would prefer to sell as a lot. PM if interested.Doodle Pages Collection missing deleted.xlsx
  3. Fairly large collection of doodle pages beginning Series one up to series 1E. About forty years. I did purchase many of these older issues. Have not been active carver for quite a number of years. Our store closed a long time ago. I must look at down sizing. There are gaps that I wasn’t able to find. Selling as a lot anyone interested please PM thanks
  4. Ya. It sews. Not so sure about top tension though. It seems it could be a bit tighter but then it starts to pucker the material. You can see the top thread (black) showing on the underside. There is no tension at this time on the bobbin case. Straight out the side of the bobbin case through a hole in the side. First off I discovered that the tab on the bobbin case base has to fit under a gap in the needle plate. Someone had it apart and didn't replace it properly. Very much the same principle as the Featherweights use. Also discovered the tension release wasn't working properly. The depth of the bobbin case should be have been deeper. Had intended to make it deeper then changed my mind to make it the same as the Pfaff bobbin case, 0.250 inches. I believe it should be deep enough to rest on the bobbin case base, but it does work as is. This was sewn at a low speed. Haven't the courage yet to try high speed. LOL I do like how this clutch motor works. So much better to control than the other clutch motor machines I have presently and had in the past.
  5. The shuttle was easy. I had more trouble with the gear which drives the shuttle carrier. There is a hardened bushing in the arm. It was worn too. A new gear wouldn't have fitted well unless the bushing was replaced too. So I made the journal on the gear oversize to fit. The gear has only three teeth so the teeth have to be fairly precise. Later models used more teeth. I can understand why the change. Had to mess with the shape of the teeth a bit. But it works great now. All the parts in the machine were there but man were they worn. As usual I paid too much. I learned a lot from that project.
  6. There is a dealer 150 miles from here. Been in contact but didn't yet ask about price or shipment. I've purchased a few parts before. One time he got snarky when I wanted a part but Friday he was OK again. LOL I try to avoid him.
  7. I don't HAVE to get this machine running immediately but would be nice to test run. It's not a complicated cap or all that difficult. I've made several parts for my 29K2 which was in terrible shape. Here's a one of the shuttle hooks that was really worn. Made a gear for the bottom. Rebuilt the long rack and modified it as well too for timing the shuttle. Rebuilt the revolving head. Sewing isn't my primary passion. I'd soon starve. (nor is machinist. Ask my former co-worker who was a journeyman machinist). It's the challenge and satisfaction when it works out. We'll see.
  8. That’s a better picture of the cap. Shows the gap on the side. I intend to machine one soon as a can. The cap looks fairly simple. What I’ll need to do is experiment with the size of the tab and opening. The other measurements are easier.
  9. Thank you. $43.75. Plus shipping. That's US$ too. Ouch. Looking at $75 approx in our funds. My good deal on this machine is evaporating quickly.
  10. Anyone have this machine that could post a picture with the slide cover removed and the bobbin case in position? Also some closeups of the bobbin case itself? If caliper available as well some measurements? Crazy thought here. I'm going to attempt machining a cover. I have lots of tension springs from Singer bobbins that I can use. It will be from ordinary steel not tool steel to begin with.
  11. Link doesn’t seem to work. :( I have the slide cover. Need the bobbin cover
  12. Thanks Shoepatcher. After studying the machine for couple hours and comparing to my Pfaff walking foot I came to the same conclusion it's missing the cover. In fact the cover from the Pfaff almost fits except the hole is too small for the post. :( I'll check locally but hopes are not great. Watch for PM.
  13. The parts manual that came with the machine lists a bobbin case number 12124. If it is indeed needed, and by looking closely, it appears to be AOL, where is a good source for another? I've tried trading and the thread always get caught in the hook so I'm almost certain there should be a bobbin case.
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