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  1. Thank you so much all for your advice. I finally bought the flatbed sewing machine on sieck. I am currently waiting for it to come. And in the future I will save up money and buy the postbed sewing machine.
  2. Hello, I am a new member here. I am a new shoemaker based in France and I need to buy a sewing machine to sew the shoes upper. I have experience with post bed one needle sewing machine. I learned to used it in Shoemaking school and when I was in Indonesia. Now I need a sewing machine to work here in France. I don't have a huge budget and I have been looking around for used post bed sewing machine but they are all too expensive for me. I am thinking to buy something cheap first like vintage SINGER sewing machine 99k and when I got money I buy the post bed machine. But I'm afraid it won't work well. I am thinking to get me vintage SINGER 29K but then it doesnt have roller foot, and I don't have experience in stitching upper with walking foot. Now I found a flat bed sewing machine from SIECK that seems good, the price is still a bit high but I can cope with it, it is PFAFF Kl. 143-4 single needle flat bed sewing machine with motor 220v and roller foot. This PFAFF machine cost me 612,5 euros already included VAT and shipping. But it is still a flatbed, I have experience stitching upper on a flatbed is not really that easy but I can cope with it. I still need your advice about this. The question is, should I buy vintage machine like SINGER 29k, or sewing machine like SINGER 99k (I saw this can sew leather too), or this PFAFF 143-4 sewing machine? My work is mostly women shoes. Here I attached one of my work for example. I am using soft not thick leather. Thank you so much for your time. Earlene A. Agripina www.earlenechen.wix.com/myleatherworld
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