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  1. oh amazing, I will get them tom !!
  2. ended up using the shirt idea, before I could get some pictures of it he decided he would love it as a chew toy !! i will get back to making it again though
  3. Ive got a big boy, he is brown aussie/ border collie x Alaskan malamute. It never occurred to me to size down a regular one might need some modifications though. Any more input or patterns are still quite welcome
  4. Curious if anyone has ever made a leather saddle bag for large dogs ? If you have a pattern or a starting idea ?
  5. Any one want to post some heavy leather project ideas for those with scrap or just looking for some ideas ?
  6. I am not too good at stencils on the computer yet but this should be a good reference, a hole is punched at the middle of the v, match up ends punch holes and rivet. longer the persons hands are the longer you make the 2 parts. This will fit all children, most avg women and men
  7. If anyone wants a template for lifting straps let me know ill post it soon
  8. thanks I will give it a try and post my results, I also realized i brutalized the spelling of engineering
  9. im not yet good at stitching so a basic pattern for riveted box like this would be quite helpful
  10. I was working on reverse engendering it but i kept messing up on dimensions and got fed up, any tips ?
  11. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and curious if someone can help me out with a pattern for a deck box for the game magic the gathering.
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