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  1. Ya, know....I'm wondering if its is an old Dunn's saddle. You might try contacting the folks at Dunn's hunting supply and inquire.
  2. That looks like some sort of a field trail saddle to me. Generally the Troopers are the most popular, but this one has a distinct western theme so my best guess would be perhaps a custom rig made for upland birders.
  3. I saw a nice saddle at a tack sale today. It was marked 'Billy cook, made special for Hulling' on the latigo holders. It hardly looks like it had ever been on a horse. It had a matching breast collar and the asking price was $875.00 Does anyone have any knowledge of these saddles? Thanks.
  4. I did read the story of the Old RR saddle thanks....Jeff

  5. I have been searching online as the original information I gave you was not correct. Sorry for the confusion. I did not have any success finding out much information about a RR brand of saddlery with back to back R's. I did find this heartwarming story with reference to an old RR saddle. Maybe its nothing, but still a nice read. How old is your saddle? http://www.christianethicstoday.com/Issue/045/The%20Parable%20of%20the%20Lost%20Saddle%20By%20Hal%20Haralson_045_16.htm
  6. Hi there. Rocking R and R & R are the same brand. The logo is two R's back to back. Here is the website: http://www.rockingrsaddlery.com/ The are good saddles for the money. Well made and comfortable. I know a lot of gaited horse people like them.
  7. It went for over $350.00! A lot of $ for a piece of poop.
  8. Ok this is what I found out about it so far from the seller. It has a wooden tree that is reinforced with either metal or leather (he can't see it clearly enough to tell) and it has felt instead of fleece. He says its heavy and you could probably rope off it (I don't believe it) Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, opinions or anything to say pro or con about this saddle?
  9. Really need some help here. My s.o. came into my workshop to use the bench while he was cleaning off logs from the propane fireplace. Picked up the saddle I have been working on and now I have a perfect black soot hand print on the blond rough out seat. Suggestions on how I can remove that .... so I don't have to kill him?
  10. Its a double skirted saddle and the makers marks are on the bottom skirt right between the double rigging and under the fender. This is where it say 'Carl Fuqua - maker- Wichita Falls TX'. On the rear of the cantle and on the latigo holder is where is says "Simons Saddlery Albuquerque NM". The patters and colors are identical, so I would not think its been pieced together from different saddles, but then again I am no expert. http://www.servimg.c...=102&u=13545244
  11. I have been cleaning up an old saddle and discovered it has 2 completely different makers marks. It has"Carl Fuqua Wichita Falls TX" under both the right and left jockey, but on the rear cantle it reads "Simons Saddlery Albuquerque NM" That's kind of weird, isn't it? Can anyone tell me why that would be?
  12. Thanks for the information but I was mistaken. The saddle in question is the one with 40 years worth of encrusted saddle soap and the more I clean, the more I am finding out about it. Under both jockeys is a makers mark that reads " Carl Fuqua Wichita Falls TX" but on the rear cantle it reads "Simons Saddlery Albuquerque NM" How weird is that? A saddle with 2 completely different makers marks...what do you suppose that means???
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