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  1. Thanks! I started about 5 months ago with leather. So from my short experience and seeing your first project i think you will get there as well
  2. Hello! I thought i should share this link here, http://imgur.com/gallery/OOEVW . I made that post a few weeks back at a customer request to see how the process was in making a handmade leather wallet. The wallet you see is a model a got from a wallet pack a bought from Nigel Armitage. If you haven't cheeked him out yet, do it! His videos have been much help for me. Back to the wallet hehe. As the titel says it's a bi-fold wallet with a back space for notes. The wallet is made with Chèvre Sully from Alran in France. My hope is for the new boys and girls out there to hopefully learn something from this when I post it here. And if you got any question don't hesitate to ask And I'm sorry for being lazy to just posting a link and not resizing 26 images and copy pasting all the text
  3. Look really good for a first thing you done with leather. And looks like good starting point to just get better and better. You live and you learn indeed Take a look att this walkthrough i made a few week back at customers request. It might be good for picking up a few tricks, who knows. http://imgur.com/gallery/OOEVW
  4. Hehe no problem. But sorry... I'm not familiar with them. And i looked them up didn't recognizee them.
  5. I sent my first email a little more then a month ago and another one a few days ago. But it's good to know he's active anyway, so there might be hope I got the same feeling when i talked to him the first time, informative and friendly. I haven't given giving him a call a thought, since i live in Sweden hehe.
  6. Sounds like most of us do similar journeys with our leather craft My sister showed me bags and she got one similar for Christmas and the same for my father and the item in this post. You constantly get new ideas and inspiration and think of new ways to make stuff. And like i said, that's the fun part
  7. Thank you! Ohh i have done that already. It all started last summer when I saw Rare & Sundry post a cardholder on Imgur and i thought to myself... i can do that! And that's how my journey started. Sucking in info and knowledge form everywhere and experimenting with alot of stuff. I have the luxury to live just a 20min drive from one of Sweden's larges suppliers of leather and leather tools, which have helped me a lot. And like you say, you learn one technique on one project and take to the next one and evolve on and on and on. And that is one of the things i love the most about this and the problem solving.
  8. It is just beautiful! Nice work!
  9. Hi! I guess most of who know about the knife that Terry Knipschield make. Those wonderful knifes caught my interested when i saw Nigel's review of them a while back. And since I come form a family with history of making knife I can spot the good ones. And this it was just love at first sight, you know the feeling right? I got in contact with Terry in i think it was October and asked him a few questions. I told i was very interested in buying some knifes from him but didn't have the money at the time and would get back to him a few months later. I sent him an email last month with an order for two knifes, but no replay so far. My question is then... Have any of you had any contact with in the last month and placed any order? I'm just really keen on getting those wonderful knifes
  10. Hello everyone! I thought it would nice show of some of the stuff that i've done since i started with leather works back in August/September last year, so still count my self as a beginner. I've done mostly wallets and cardholders and som belts. This is a cartage holder for rifle ammo, in this case 9,3x62. And it it's by most "complex" item I've done so far. I think It's about 8-9m of stitching in total and it took some testing to figure out the right spacing for the "cartage-loops". But I'm very happy with the result and so was my father who got this for Christmas So take a look. I will definitely post more of my past and future project and I'm always happy to answer any questions.
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