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  1. Just finished up another holster for a customer. IWB for a Walther PK380 pistol. This was my first style IWB for a pistol. Started on it on Sunday, drew up 2 or 3 different templates before coming up with this. I think it looks pretty good for my first one like this. I have done a revolver, but not a pistol.
  2. Thanks Bigfoote!! I appreciate the comments and I will look for that video. I know the one thing that I need to get to help me with stitching is a stitching pony. If I can either build one myself or purchase one, then I can do the saddle stitching instead of the stitching that I learned from the kit I bought at Hobby Lobby for my Leatherman sheath. With that kit the stitching was starting at one end and go to the other then back to the beginning again and tie off. Thanks again for the welcome and your suggestions!
  3. Thanks!! I hope to learn more especially since people in my area are finding out I can do leather work I am starting to get requests for leather items. I don't want to do shabby work, I want to be able to provide a good, quality product to people.
  4. Hello, My name is Juddie (pronouced like muddy but with a "J") and I have new to leathercraft. Just started doing this back in June of 2016 when I made a sheath for my Leatherman. After doing that I made a few knife sheaths for fixed blades and a couple folders, then started into making some holsters and it just keeps going. I been looking for a site that I could ask questions or maybe even get some ideas on ways to improve. I am a member of several Facebook groups about leather crafting. Here are some examples of some of my work. I am very tuff skinned so any comments whether good or bad, any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for allowing me to join the site. Juddie (aka WVHunter129)
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