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  1. Hoping someone can clear this up for me. I've found an Adler 205 for sale for a reasonable price, $1500. However, the seller claims that it is not a walking foot machine. Is this possible or is the seller confused as to what his machine is doing? I thought that the 205 was a compound feed without variation. I can't look at the machine in person as it exists some 6000km away, or so. Please advise, hivemind.
  2. Also wondering if this machine is still for sale.
  3. That's a fair price indeed. What are the capabilities of the machine, thread range, foot lift etc.? And are the parts somewhat available, seeing as you refurbished it yourself?
  4. I'm planning on setting up a couple hundred watts of panels on the bus as well. Two-hundred watts on the panel should provide a bit of juice on a 500w servo motor if used sparingly, maybe 1-2 hours considering I would need a bit of power for a couple other odds and end in the bus. I just thought it would be kinda fun to work around the electricity issue totally but in a very user friendly manner. Dare I ask what the Ferdco is going for? I really like that crank setup, if one is to go with a hand crank. Does the Ferdco eclipse the Pearson in function? I see the bobbi setup is a little different but looks to feed in a similar way.
  5. And of course the parts and info for Cowboys should be available indefinitely.
  6. Thanks all, I'm certainly leaning towards a new setup, however the owner has assured me the machine has seen light use in its lifetime. I guess if it was clear that the feed mechanism was worth the risk of not having parts easily available I might lean toward the Ferdinand. Has anyone sewn on a Bull? Yes, a 3500 is likely where I'll put my money at this point. On a side note, my work space will be portable some of the time in a 1997 flat nose Bluebird school bus that I'm converting. I'm interested in non-electrical power. I've seen the barney knob setup discussed on these forums, which seems ok, but I would be more interested in a foot powered setup, perhaps a jury rigged stationary bicycle? Anybody have any leads? I don't think it would take so much effort to hook up a Cowboy machine in this manner while having a servo motor on standby. Of course, a Pearson #6 is the most ideal setup if anyone has one of these kicking around... I just love sewing on a Pearson anyhow.
  7. I'm looking for advice on a sewing machine purchase. Recently a Ferdinand 900b came up for sale in my area. The price is a little steep for me at $2800 and in comparison to some new options available from Cowboy for less money, I may go that route instead. I do find the jump feed mechanism interesting, though, and considering I would skip some shipping costs I'd like to know if the Ferdinand is worth the investment if I can get the seller to come down in price a bit. Is the machine too difficult to service at this point in regards to parts availability, info, etc.? How prone to adjustment is it? Is it as versatile as, say, a Cowboy 3500? I'm finding the information available on these machines to be a little bit sparse. Any opinions, comparisons, or additional information is greatly appreciated.
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