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  1. Hi there, l am trying to get this color ( see picture attached). I have tried mixing and diluting different stains but l have not been succeful. It's really a lighter brown as shown in the lmage attached. Any one that has worked with this color before? Please help. Thanks
  2. Thank you friends, I appreciate it.
  3. Hi friends, l am a new user who is seeking to know what l can use to dilute the pro oil dyes to get the color l am looking for. I am thinking since they contain oil water wouldn't be a good fit. Please advise. thank you
  4. Thanks friends. What sealant works base for leather that is to be laser etched?
  5. Oh yes, l mean the other parts of the leather that are not to be etched. Are they affected in any way? Let me edit my question thanks
  6. Hi friends, l am would love to first paint /stain my vegetable Tanned Learher and there after take it in for laser engraving. I don't want the etching process to affect the color of my leather. Can anyone recommend a seal that will protect the leather or even take me through the process if they have done it before. I appreciate all your help and advise friends. Waiting to hear and learn from y'all. Thank you.
  7. Hi there, l did color in filling on text that was laser etched on my dyed veg tan leather. I did this so the lettering my pop. But it kind of made a mess and spread into the other areas. How do l clean it up from the other areas without affecting the lettering ? Thanks y'all
  8. Thanks so much , l appreciate it guys. l am learning so much from y'all. Will Martha Stewart Acrylic paint work? Are they some of the recommended products
  9. Has anyone used the rub n buff metallic paints sold at Michaels or hobby lobby on their veg tan leather project ? share your experience and the kind of leather
  10. I am looking at having different shades of light brown. How don't do that? What dye or stain will give me those results and do l use brush, dauber or sponge.
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