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  1. Interesting! @RockyAussie Would you possibly be able to share a photo of where you put the spacer?
  2. I uploaded a video showing it in forward and reverse:
  3. Hey, I realize this thread hasn't been active in a while, but I think I'm dealing with the same issue and the same machine as @CustomDoug...My stitches are shorter in reverse than when going forward. It's not massively off, but enough to make a messy backstitch. The machine is a Consew 227R-2. I followed @Uwe's video on adjusting the needle and feed dog (which was excellent!) but just like Doug it didn't fix my issue. Here's a photo of the stitches - forward on top and backwards on the bottom: I also used Uwe's awesome stitch length gauge. It looks like forward is just a hair under 4mm and reverse is a hair under 3.5mm. @CustomDoug did you ever get it sorted out? Does anyone else have other recommendations? It may be useful to know that a few days ago I had a jam that threw off the hook timing. It took me hours to figure out but I got it back in sync, many thanks to these forums and @Uwe's videos!
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