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  1. robinindustry

    Looking for first Heavy Duty Machine

    Hi, our SP268 Heavy Duty Shoes Sidewall Sole Stitching Machine can stitching heavy duty shoes. please check the below video: More infomation please check the link:
  2. robinindustry

    Machine For Sewing Sneaker Midsole?

    Hi nate 186 and hockeymenders, If you have a higher budget, we suggest you buy our SP168 sidewall sole stitching machine, we can help you test the shoes before you buy, we send several these machine to USA before such as Chicago, Detroit, San Jose, Fresno,New York and so on. More information please check the below link:
  3. robinindustry

    Machine For Sewing Sneaker Midsole?

    Hi, Meiel, if you want stitching sneaker shoes midsole sidewall, the best machine is another one, it stitching more smooth, attached a video for you.:
  4. robinindustry

    Hand crank support request

    The manual of this hand sewing machine is don't like Mobile Phone or TV, through the manual you can completely learn how to use, it is a professional machine, in general, you need learn it from shoe repair training mechanism if don't use similar machine before. our company will tell customer about this before they buy, if need more professional machine, we will recommend more better machine, like SP168, SP998 , but Due to price factors, more customer choose the cheaper machine, Unless the workload is large,then they choose expensive machine, however, when they choose cheaper machine, they also want the machine work high efficiency like expensive machine, this is hard achieve for cheaper machine, anyway, you will get what you pay, we all understand this principle,
  5. robinindustry

    Hand crank support request

    Hi, when you bought machine from us, please advise your full name and email address, let us check first, It seems you did not bought it from us before? if you bought it from us, and have questions, please contact with us we will resolve it ,
  6. robinindustry

    Hand crank support request

    If have enough budget, we recommend another sidewall sole stitching machine and insole stitching machine, this is the high quality stitching machine, Many customers give very high ratings,
  7. robinindustry

    Hand crank support request

    Share a shoe sewing machine manual shoe sewing machine manual1.pdf
  8. robinindustry

    Pfaff 175 Manual

    it's a little similar to our this machine......
  9. robinindustry


    Do you have a picture that show the position you want sewing?
  10. robinindustry


    This side wall sole stitching machine can sewing attached skates shoes
  11. robinindustry


    if possble, we can stitching your shoes and show the video to you.
  12. robinindustry

    Skiving Machine, Dual Speed needed?

    Chinese Leather Skving Machine......hope can help you :-) This is the link: