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  1. Looks cool and functional but... Maybe fangs from a were-possum
  2. Made one out of a 3" plywood square from hobby lobby one time. 3mm thick. Worked good. I'd show a pic but it's buried under a mound of junk on my bench
  3. Nice trick with the lead pencil. Gonna have to try that. Old eyes need a break
  4. Resurgam3191

    Range bag

    Looks great. Now they'll steal it just because it's a really awesome bag
  5. I had an old misshapen one like that. I trimmed the ends off on a mitre saw. (Carefully) Worked great. Still using it
  6. Likewise. Thanks but I ain't doing fakebook either
  7. For a long time i used cork flooring samples from Home depot. Free and no ill effects. Now i just use a cheap HDPE cutting board
  8. Really like the stitching iron pouch too. Nice
  9. Nicely done..And totally cool! Love the Norse work
  10. Cut the end of 1mm thread to a tapered point. Then it will thread easier through the 1/0 needle. My favorite combo for most holsters sheaths and even wallets when I make them
  11. I like a tack hammer or a small ballpeen. Either with a clean polished face. Straight or slanted. Each have their place. Just stitch them all the same
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