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  1. Ch4rlie

    Head knife

    electrathon, thanks for the info, should it prove to be an issue, I shall look into gettining it heat treated. I was cutting scraps, part of an old saddle I was given, after cutting this firm old leather, the blade still has an edge which grips my finger nail without sliding. For me first impressions are good, but only time will tell. Its worth adding, I don't work with leather on a daily basis, so it may prove to be fine for the amount of work I will subject it to for any given project.
  2. Ch4rlie

    Head knife

    electrathon, This was using carpentry tools in the back garden no work shop, it was defiantly a case of see what I end up with... In the first image you can see I dry cut the basic back end of the knife I saw it was tempering the blade so when it came to the curved section I wet cut it, taking my time keeping it as cool as possible in an attempt not to loose its hardness, believe I achieved this because a file just skidded over the surface. The rounded shape was achieved slowly on a belt sander and dipped in water constantly to keep it cool. I also tapered the cutting edge with a battery angle grinder and a sanding attachmentwhich seemed to take for ever. (Again kept cool as possible at all times) I managed to taper it back a about 15mm according to a steel rule. (The blade is 1.8mm thick according to my laser eye ball and a steel rule) so the edge seems thin to me don't know how this compares to a proper quality head knife.. I have not heat treated it at this time, I don't know how long it will hold an edge. The handle scales are only thin oak approx 6mm a side with a nice grain, I have "JB welded" them on and used wood dowels glued as the pins if this didn't work out the intention is I can butcher the handles off and have a go at heat treating the blade. Hope this answers some of your questions
  3. Ch4rlie

    Head knife

    Retswerb the tools can be seen here, http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/76121-hi-from-suffolk-uk/
  4. Ch4rlie

    Head knife

    I'm new to working with leather and decided to make as many of my own tools as I could, I have posted this in my introduction post if anyone's interested, but thought I should now post else where within the forum, i have not seen a head knife in person only pictures or video of them being used. I made a card mock up for what felt comfortable and decided a short handle was most likely best for me. This can be altered if necessary at a later date if it proves to be the wrong decision. heres a couple of pictures to show how it started life.
  5. Very nice work. welcome to the forum.
  6. Welcome to the forum given rhe small amount of stamping I have done,I have found it both relaxing & rewarding.
  7. I intended to swap a photo of the stamps with a more recent one, however I can't edit my original post to swap it out.
  8. Matt S & LumpenDoodle2 thank you
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, Tommo my mate was happy
  10. Time I introduced myself, I've been looking around the various parts of the forum for week or so. My names Charlie I'm new to working with leather but have already made a few knife sheaths, I know the projects I've made have errors, I have been using leather I was given having been reclaimed from an old saddle. Two were from new veg tan, I've since learned it wasn't great quality, guess that's part of the learning experience. Almost everything has been learned from YouTube! I am a visual learner and am very greatfull to those who take the time to plan/make/edit & upload their knowledge and share it for new comers to learn. I have not actually purchased dedicated leather tools, I have been given a couple of items which have been gladly accepted and appreciated. (English style stitching clam also Chinese stitching irons, Apart from that I've opted to use what's at hand or make/modify other tools using basic hand tools and the odd power tool, I had great enjoyment from this process. These items include my version of diamond awls which were re shaped from vintage (ruined) woodwork awls. They work great, however using them is defiantly a skill I must learn, at least to use them consistently & will be used in in conjunction with the stitching irons in future, because those irons bend easily. A few days ago I made a half round/head knife from an old decorators scraper, it had a nice thick blade so it did not flex. Its now razor sharp and works well on the scraps I've cut so far while testing it. Quite a few stamps from 5" nails, most were made using a borrowed jewellers fret saw along with the hand files I have, I did use a dremil on a few but not many. Making those was defiantly a learning curve and very enjoyable, it's amazing what your perception of the stamp should be when you look at the stamped impressions online without seeing the actual tool sold for the job, Ive made some which give a similar Impression but the stamp I've made is nothing like the actual tool sold. Obviously I'm aware what I've made may not compare to shop sold ones however they are functional if only for my introduction to the hobby. I now have possibly 60 home made stamps all it's cost me is about £8 and time spent making them. Blue tack or children's modelling clay is great for testing home made stamps and does not cost you in leather while trying to refine its shape. thats enough rambling on from me... I shall post pics asap possible as I only use my phone for the internet which may prove awkward. The last sheath was a gift to a friend for his vintage Bowie. (photo wasn't great it didn't show the definition in the stamping well)
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