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  1. SOLD THEM ALL. @MOD: Please remove this thread if you can. Thank you so much
  2. The knife is sold. Only #8 set left : $180 SHIPPED
  3. #7 set is sold already... Still have #8 and the knife....
  4. You could try sinabroks by now.im using 3.38 and love it
  5. Thank you for your photo. How do you feel about this pricking irons?
  6. Could you please give me the tooth width size of your KL set? Thank you so much,
  7. Yeah I saw your post... I had this knife as well, totally new, I never try it too... Really want to sell it to get other tools instead thou. Check out sinabroks pricking irons thou, Im in love... but good for 3.38 only because the tooth width is long
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to sell all these brand new items. - Vergez Blanchard pricking irons #7 2-8 tooth : $165 shipped - Vergez Blanchard pricking irons #8 2-9 tooth : $190 shipped - Chatermade Trim Knife : $200 Shoot me your offer if you're really interested it. Thank you all,
  9. Personally, I love it... for the weight, and the punch hole. Really amazing. Only thing, is the part above the tooth, that's still too big, and cover the hole. You need to care more when you punch... Also, I think Sina is good for 3.38 size or above. 2.7 or 3mm is not good because the tooth width is long .
  10. Hello, I finally chose to support Sina, did order 3.38 set from him. I personally think sina pricking irons work best on larger size like 3.38 or 3.85. The gold colour is just the photos I got from Google only. I did send you a message GG.please check it
  11. Hello, I'm looking to buy these set of pricking irons from KS Blade Punch Size 3.0mm Size 3.38mm If you have any of them, please contact me, I would like to buy it right away.Also, I live in Toronto, Canada, better to give me shipping cost as well, or maybe meet up for personal sale. thank you
  12. burnishing machine + hammer
  13. Hi Russ, Please inbox me which one you have left here. I would like to buy something. Thank you so much,
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