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  1. Hey hey! I've recently bought a great little Adler 69-72/E 42. The previous owner had no idea what it was, and therefore was not much of a help with anything at all. There is one needle that came with the machine, a - Schmetz 120. I want to get more needles and I know I want them to be LR leather, so that my stitches have angle to them. Any help would be great, I have looked on lots of websites and all I seem to find is that the Adler 69's use the 134 system? Thanks!
  2. I have attached a link (Youtube) to a video showing the running of my Falcon sewing machine, the issue is that my feed dog seems to be running the complete opposite way that it should be, 180' to be exact. Any tips of how to go about adjusting the feed dog cam would be much appreciated!
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