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  1. OrtizCustomLeather

    Guidance needed!

    Hey everyone! Im fairly new to the leatherworking industry and im just starting to build up my tool collection. Ive begun to get more and more orders so im looking for something to help my efficiency in production. One thing that slows me down is installing button snaps and rivets. Maybe i need more practice doing it by hand but i have trouble setting these in sometimes. This slows me down since i have to remove the messed up snap or rivet and can sometimes cause me to damage or scratch the item im working on. Its also happened a couple of times when the snap or rivet come off altogether after i thought it was securely in place. I want to produce high quality items for my customers and rid the fear of the item possibly coming appart. Can anyone point me in the direction of an affordable snap/rivet press? The one's on tandy are a little to pricey for me at the moment. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. P.s. i dont mind buying second hand tools! Much appreciated, Ruben