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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this, so figured it would go here. I recently bought a bk swivel knife with a 3/8 thin blade. The blade is about 2x the size of my bk 1/4 thin blade. I'm assuming it's right, and the extra thickness is to account for the extra length for the hollow grounding. If thats right, how thick is the thick blade realtive to the thin blade?
  2. Thanks guys. I found some at tandy and a few sources in new Zealand. I'll probably grab some from tandy and see how long the shipping takes from new Zealand for now.
  3. Was wondering if anyone knows of any supplies for aluminium rivets and burrs. I've found a few, but they only supply orthepedics companies. I've gotten to the point to where I'm thinking I might just try aluminium siding nails and washers (If anyone knows why this won't work let me know, I don't know anything about nails)
  4. Here you go. Again it only looks like it's affecting the outermost layer of the plywood. But with my knowledge of wood, that could mean it would spontaneously catch fire.
  5. I'm not sure if i should start a new thread, so i figured I'd just add it here. I got my machine yesterday. The pallet was in good condition, no damage. I just started putting it together and on the underside of the table there are cracks in the plywood where there are holes and/or screws (one of which seems to be a completely random screw that doesn't seem to have a purpose), about 5 or 6. It seems to only be the outermost layer of the plywood. I don't really know anything about wood, woodworking, tables, or sewing machines for that matter. I was just wondering if this is something i should be concerned about, like my machine isn't just going to fall over one day is it? I'm assuming it's not a big deal and just something that happens when working with plywood, but figured I'd make sure.
  6. Thanks yeti. If anything major like that happens I'm sure I'd be able to spot it. But about the scratching and chips, if the plastic wrap and packaging of the skid is intact, should I contact the sewing machine company about this? Or as long as I try the machine out and its working well, I should assume it won't have any longer term issues? I know this is a lot of questions about something that will probably turn up in pristine condition, I just want to be ready for any eventuality.
  7. Thanks for the help guys, and wordy is always good, I like to have as much info as possible. Now I just have to make the purchase, can't wait to get my machine.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm going to be buying a leather sewing machine soon and had some questions on receiving it. I was mostly wondering what kind of damages are most likely to happen and what I should be looking for before I sign for it. Paint chips and scratches are probably normal and probably not a cause for concern, but are there specific parts that are most likely to be broken or damaged on the machine and on the table (which will be coming pre-assembled I'm pretty sure)? This will be my first sewing machine and I'm a little nervous about it as it's a pretty major investment. It's going to be a new machine, bought off the manufacturers website, so I'm also assuming it's going to be packaged well if that matters. edit 1: Its a walking foot cylinder arm machine. Thanks in advance for any information you guys can share with me
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