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  1. I am thinking about making up some of my own leather conditioner. I currently use Obenaufs oil and LP on stuff and I really like it. But I am not a big fan of the sweet honey sent it has. I was thinking of making a balm mixture of my own with using some of the Obenaufs oil and beeswax and adding some essential oils for a less honey smell. I was thinking to maybe make a more flowery smell for the ladies and a more masculine smell for the guys products. Has anyone tried this and what oils did you use?
  2. kZook

    What type of leather to use???

    Thanks for the input. I might just stick with what I know and go with the Veg. Was just thinking that the extra waxes and oils in the bridal might make the strap last longer under the conditions a firefighter sees and maybe require less upkeep.
  3. So I have dabled a bit with some small leather projects. I have done them all with a half shoulder of veg tan so that’s all I have experience working with. I recently had a friend ask if I would make him a radio harness as he is a firefighter. I would love to try this and expand my knowledge. But I am questioning if veg tan is the best option for something like this or if I should give bridal leather a try or Latigo? I don’t think he is wanting any tooling or embossing but if so can the bridal or latigo be stamped or tooled? And what about edge from finishing/burnishing is it done differently than veg?