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  1. Dear Members, You can see my double colored, washable suede work. I did it from splitted limed leather. I use splitted part (non-grain) and use "reactive dyes" for dyeing operation. There is not a surface operation, all processes wet tanning operations and leather has made in drum. Deliming, Bathing, Pickling, Tanning, Mecanial Operations( Sammying, shaving) Deacidification, Retanning, Dyeing and Fatliquoring. I use 2 different colors and "reactive dyes". So this suede is wasable. There is not a color contaminaion to other material during washing and after washing there is not a color fading. I did only 1/2 half side of leather for trial. So i will do whole leather. I know a lot of about leather making but leather goods making is very stranger for me. What should i do with double colored suede? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
  2. I have not got a website. Soon i will uptade different type leather photos that i made them different and strange technuqies.
  3. Actually i do not know what i am doing with that skin. Maybe accessory for shoes. Normally i am making cow leather as a co-product of the meat industry. but a lot people love hunting especially for this kind of rabbit. Skin came to me i do not know about animal and skinning process but it's one half of the skin. All 3 skins came two parts because of rifle bullet.
  4. Dear Members, I'am new on this forum. I work for leather industy from raw hide to finisned leather. Generally i produce cow hides. Someone gave me rabbit skins and i tanned them with gluteraldehayde and replacement syntans and fatliquored for sotfness. You can see this wet tanned rabbit fur photo. Have a nice day.
  5. This is not a vagetable tanned leather, this is called "Wet White". Vegetable tanins give colour to leather so it's impossible to achieve natural whiteness. Generally tanner use syntetic phenolic replacement syntan and glutardialdehyde for this kind of leather. You can see my white tanned leather grain side and suede side photo. It can be done all thickness and also all colour. We generally produce "washable" type.
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